Solenoid Valve FDF Series

By switching the electromagnetic coil to cut off or activate the refrigerant flow, FDF series solenoid valves are used in refrigerant control of heat pumps,air conditioning, and refrigeration and freezing systems.

Technical Data

  • Applicable Refrigerants: R134a, R407C, R410A, R404A, and R507
  • Fluid Temperature: -30°C~+105°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -40°C~+55°C
  • Applicable Relative Humidity: ≤95%


  • Applied in liquid, suction, and hot gas pipe lines of refrigeration systems;
  • Version with angleway and straightway type;
  • Available in various AC and DC;
  • Top quality synthetic seal gasket material to ensure tightness;
  • For higher temperature application, please contact Dunan.
  • Supplied with NO(normally open) and NC (normally closed) version