Micro-channel heat exchanger

Micro-channel heat exchanger(MCHE) is one of the highly compact heat exchangers. MCHE uses micro-heat transfer technology. Compared with traditional tube-fin heat exchanger, it has lighter weight, 50% higher heat transfer efficiency with 50% lower refrigerant charge, and higher unit efficiency. MCHEs are widely used in residential, commercial, precision, heat pump water heater, freezing, cooling, and transportation applications.

Technical Data

  • Applicable Refrigerant: R22、R134a、R404A、R407C、R410A、R32
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 4.5~4.7MPa;
  • Applicable Medium Temperature: -30 ~+121℃;
  • Applicable Ambient Temperature: -30 ~+72℃;
  • Applicable Ambient Humility: ≤95% RH.