Accumulator is generally installed behind condenser of refrigeration system:
(1) Refrigerant can flow back to accumulator when working condition is changed or refrigeration system is adjusted during working process, so as to stabilize the refrigerant flow rate and the system.
(2) Refrigerant can be received by accumulator when part of the refrigeration system need maintenance, so as to avoid refrigerant waste by leaking

Technical Data

  • Applicable Refrigerants: R22, R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A and R290
  • Working Pressure: 2.2~4.5MPa;
  • Applicable Medium Temperature: -30 ~+120℃;
  • Applicable Ambient Temperature: -20 ~+55℃;
  • Ambient Relative Humidity: ≤95% RH;
  • Standard Product Volume: 0.2~2.9L;
  • Standard Product Size [Diameter*Length]: 51*150~127*320mm.